Monday, October 1 2018

Sweat 60 IS.

  • Lighter weight strength training. (no barbells)
  • Movements that can be scaled or modified to your fitness level
  • Cardio focused workouts
  • Emphasis on weight loss
  • 60 Day Nutrition plan
  • Perfect for beginners or someone restarting their fitness journey

Sweat 60 Is NOT.

  • Not something you have to be in shape for to start.
  • Not a crash diet – Our approach to nutrition is a lifestyle. Something that can be kept month after month, year after year
  • Not a meal plan – We will not hand you a 60 day meal plan that you “must” follow. Our experience with this type of dieting is that afterward our clients lose their way because they are not being told what to eat anymore. We want to give you a blueprint plan. A plan that help you make your own decisions learning nutrition.

About the Workouts


All workouts will be class based. From warmup to cool down the workout will take 45min. We ask all athletes to please be on time. An athlete may not enter class after 10min of start time.


Each workout will be led by a certified coach. He or She will go over all movements to make sure everyone in the class can perform all movements correctly and safely. This will also give the coach an opportunity to make a suggestion to scale any movement according to ea individual’s fitness level in the class.

About the Nutrition


Nutrition is the most important part of any fitness regiment. ESPECIALLY one that focuses on weight loss. After all going to the gym is only 4% of your day. Not only do we make sure that the 1 hour you spend working out is focused on your goals we give you a nutrition outline for the rest of your day!


Your first class will be spent teaching you how to eat. Yes, teaching. It is our goal that whether you decide to continue your fitness journey with 915 after your 60 days or not you know enough to keep your diet clean and healthier.


Do I have to sign up for a certain time frame?

We limit our classes so we can give our best effort to effectively coach all participants in the class. If you cannot make the scheduled class due to different work schedules throughout the 60 days, please let us know.

I have never worked out before or it's been a long time. Can I still do this?

Absolutely. Our Sweat 60 classes are beginner friendly. Our certified coaches have experience working with a variety of fitness levels from the extreme beginner to the seasoned athlete. All movements in this class are specifically designed to be scaled down or scaled up to meet the needs of the participants.
For example: If an athlete cannot run due to previous injuries or other limitations we usually have that athlete row or stationary bike which eliminates the impact to the knee joint.
Another example: If we are doing dumbbell squats this can be scaled down with lighter dumbbells or even a no dumbbell squat. It is always imperative to us that all participants have safe positions before they are weighted.

I'm a seasoned worker-outer. Im concerned that I may not be challenged enough.

You will soon find out that all workouts can be easily scaled up to meet your goals! Intensity will remain the same whether your a beginner or advanced the only thing that changes is weight speed or complexity of movement. In all actuality if you are experienced but just need some help losing weight, you would be perfect for this class.  If you want more of a challenge or want to use more weight in your workouts we’d recommend our CrossFit classes.

Maybe I'm too old for these workouts.

Nonsense! If you pick up grocery bags or your grandchildren, use a shovel in the garden or mop your kitchen you are already doing these type of movements. During Sweat 60 you will work on flexibility, functional strength, cardio vascular health and many more life-enhancing benefits. Remember, all movements are scalable to match your experience and capabilities.

Sweat 60 Success Stories



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We cap our class size to 12. You can reserve your spot online by clicking above and paying a half deposit.  The balance is due on the first day of class.


Located close to both I-10 & Loop 375.  It’s easy to get here from just about any Eastside location including Ft. Bliss