Since 2009, 915 Sports has been one of the biggest alternative fitness locations in El Paso!  We offer something for everyone.  If you’re looking for a directed fitness program, you’ve found it.  Located in an AMAZING 19,000 sq ft facility we allow for traditional weight training, functional fitness, powerlifting, and personal training. Our equipment includes cable machines, leg presses, smith machines, 19 Platforms, 1,100 sq ft of turf, 180 feet of pull up rig and squat racks, rope climb and ring stations, power racks, truck tires, sleds, dip bars, a wall of rowing, GHD, Airdyne, and ski machines. Not to mention, mountains of kettlebells, medicine balls, slamballs, atlas stones, rows of barbells, bumper plates, metal plates, and many MORE fitness options for you to enjoy.


We offer fun and challenging classes for all levels so don’t wait!