What Is Buns & Guns?

Ready for a bikini body? Train like our bikini competitors for toned arms, tightened abs, and a sculpted butt.


Our Buns and Guns program was developed for women interested in pushing their bodies to the next level. Our group classes offer 3 one-hour weight training sessions per week, cardio homework to complete on your own, and nutritional support. Those looking to push even further can work with our competition coaches to represent 915 Sports as a Bikini or Figure competitor in the NPC.

What to expect at Buns & Guns

Our training method focuses on working major muscle groups with big lifts, then targeting smaller muscle groups with isolation exercises. We also work in different types of cardio to help you lean out and see the definition you’ve been dreaming about!
Achieving a stage-ready body is not easy, you may not know where to start or you may have plateaued in your current program, but our team based approach is the ultimate motivator! Let us help you put a new twist on your training!